Automation of accounting in “1C: enterprise”

Selection of programs 1C:
We will show you the possibilities of 1C Enterprise configurations and choose the one that will take into account your business processes to the maximum. We try to make you satisfied with our cooperation.
Installation and maintenance of 1C programs Enterprise:
• Deployment 1C (file and server version)
• Installation and administration of 1C application servers
• Configuring a failover cluster
• Automatic archive setting 1C
• Administration of the list of users (Add / Delete users, roles, permissions, user passwords)
• Updating the 1C Enterprise and Platform configurations
• Advice on working with the program (archiving, redesign, sequence boundaries, periods, competent work with the program)
• DBMS configuration for working with 1C, database recovery, database repair of 1C
• Remote work with 1C: terminal access, RemoteApp, Web access (launching 1c directly from the browser)

Setting up 1C programs for your needs:
Each company has its own specifics, and we will customize the program so that it takes into account the nuances of your business (Work with any configurations, configuration and modification):
• Configure interfaces and access rights, configure RLS in 1C
• Finalization of existing forms of directories, documents and reports
• Creation of new directories, documents, reports and processing that extend the functionality of the system
• Data transfer between databases 1C 77 in 8.3
• Connection of trade equipment 1С
• 1C configuration from scratch
• 1C mobile application development for Android
• Integration of 1C: Enterprise with Client-Bank systems
• Automation of remote warehouses
• Organization of work in 1C enterprise 8.3 through a browser
• Download data on sales of cash registers from the site of the cash server and other.