Audit services

Audit—is the independent verification of the accuracy and reliability of the bookkeeping entries, accounting reports and the financial statements of business entities engaged in the production and marketing of goods, provision of services and performance of various operations. Audit examination may be obligatory or voluntary (at the request of the business entity. Audit performed for business entities which, statutorily, are required to publish their financial statements, as well as in cases specifically provided for by legislation or on the basis of a decision (request) of an authorized state body, is mandatory; in other cases it is voluntary. Financial and economic activity cannot be effective if the company management is not fully aware of all the aspects of accounting, financial and tax accounting. That is why the services of auditing organizations are a vital part of any business. Our company, which has vast and successful past experience, offers to customers audit and accounting services on a contractual basis at attractive prices. Our accountants, financiers and lawyers will efficiently and transparently conduct an independent assessment of the economic activity of your company, systems, processes, products or projects. Qualified specialists will individually verify the statements of the enterprise, as well as identify any errors and distortions within the timeframe stipulated in the contract. With our help, the degree of confidence of users and stakeholders in financial and tax records of your company will grow significantly.

Offered services
• Audit of financial statements;
• Mandatory audit of the organization;
• Mandatory audit of consolidated financial statements;
• Mandatory audit of financial statements;
• Mandatory audit of foundations and non-profit organizations;
• Audit of financial institutions;
• Mandatory audit of insurance companies;
• Transformation and consolidation of financial statements under IFRS;
• Initiative audit;
• Audit firm;
• Inventory;
• Internal Financial Audit;
• Cost audit;
• Tax audit.