Accounting services

• Accounting support
• Restoration of accounting records
1.Accounting support
Full accounting of organizations (subscriber accounting support) includes the following services:
• Formation of the accounting policy of the organization
• Processing and systematization of primary accounting documents
• Reflection of information on property, liabilities of the organization and their movement on the basis of primary documents
• Calculation of wages, compilation of consolidated registers of accounting
• Calculation of the tax base for taxes provided by law
• Preparation and submission of tax returns to tax authorities, funds
• Interaction with supervisory authorities – carrying out reconciliation calculations with the budget, providing copies of documents on request, tracking during the desk and complex audit
In the course of accounting services, it is possible to advise on tax planning, develop mechanisms for integrating accounting data into the overall management accounting of enterprises, as well as other consulting services as agreed by the parties.

2. Restoration of accounting records
For various reasons, the company may have problems in accounting. These are not timely reports and tax returns, errors in accounting and incorrectly accrued taxes. Accumulating, these problems can lead to suspension of the entire enterprise. 
We offer our clients a service for the restoration of accounting and tax accounting.
Restoration of accounting includes:
• Selection of the primary documentation and its correlation with the reporting, preparation of the missing documents together with the accounting department of the company
• Formation of cash and advance reports taking into account the rules of cash payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan
• Creation of accounting registers with the formation of financial results
• Formation of financial statements
• Formation of tax declarations on the basis of restored registers.
The cost and duration of the procedure for restoring accounting is determined for each enterprise individually, depending on the volume of recovery procedures, activities, the volume of document circulation, the presence or absence of foreign economic activity, the presence or absence of all necessary documents from the enterprise.