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Keeping personnel records
The process of personnel management must be accompanied by the registration of the necessary documents in accordance with the current labor legislation, which requires time and qualified resources.
All the functions related to the preparation and execution of personnel documents in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be taken by the experts of our company, ensuring the complete management of the personnel records of the client company.
The conduct of personnel administration by our company on a permanent basis assumes different models of service. Service for the conduct of personnel records management is provided both with the departure of a specialist of our company to the client’s office in Baku and remotely.

The specialists of our company ensure the registration of such personnel events as:
• employment; compilation of electronic labor contracts
• changing working conditions
• dismissal of individual employees or staff reduction
• cases of working work on weekends and holidays
• leave of employees
• absence of employees for different reasons
• sending employees on a business trip
• imposition of disciplinary sanctions
• bonuses to employees
• employment under contracts of a civil-law nature
• and others.