Our specialists have many years of experience
in key aspects of business support.

Reliable support for your business.


Let me greet you on behalf of the “Global Accounting Consalting”

Our specialists have many years of experience in key aspects of business support.
This allows us to apply an integrated approach to solving issues arising in the course of carrying out entrepreneurial activities.

We have following experience:
•    organization of accounting and tax accounting, development of regulatory documentation, optimization of business processes that facilitate the systematization of financial services, which facilitates the receipt of regular and reliable information by management of business structures;
•    legal support for the activities of organizations, including large business entities, engaged in construction, trade, food production

Acquired qualifications allow us to offer our customers only high-quality accounting and legal services.
Our priority – is to provide affordable professional assistance to entrepreneurs and an individual approach to each client.
We offer full support of business and help to solve the problems, arising in the process of carrying out business activities!
The main directions of our work:
•    Qualified accounting services;
•    Tax consulting;
•    HR services;
•    Legal services;
•    Automation of accounting and management in the enterprise.


Pirimov Azer Arif oglu was born on January 29, 1984 in Gusar region. After graduation of Russian school No. 2 in Gusar city in 2002 he entered Azerbaijan State Economic University, which he graduated in 2006 with degree in Accounting.  

Work experience:

1. “CBS-P.P.” LLC – Accountant- 01.09.2006-01.05.2009

2. “Rotary Motors” LLC Chief Accountant - 05.05.2009-13.04.2010

3. “Subaru Azerbaijan” LLC Chief Accountant - 13.04.2010-05.03.2011

4. “CACS” LLC Chief Accountant - 09.03.2011-07.01.2014

5. ”Berke” LLC Chief Accountant - 08.01.2014-30.01.2015

6. ”Ramco” LLC  Chief Accountant - 15.03.2015-30.11.2015

7. ”HGSM” MMC Cooperation in the sphere of accounting and tax services within Baku – Boyuk Kesik Project of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC mediated by “GSM” LLC and “Imdad Audit” LLC - 30.11.2015- 17.01.2019

He is the head of “Global Consulting” Group of Companies (“Global Accounting Consulting” LLC, “Global Audit” LLC) sice 2016. He is a member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Azerbaijan since December 2018. Married. Has 3 children.